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Sneak with Walking Dead

Always wondered how online buying of shoes would work out. The concept of going shopping trying out various shoes.


Checking out the price and bargaining for a discount. What fun it was.


How can you get the exact fit? What about fashion and colors. Colors are always different in images. Right? Well, it is been long since this myth was busted.


Online shopping is the new trend. Saving trips to shops and by that saving fuel, congestionof traffic and saving time and most importantly money.



All started with technological innovation.

A computer, mobiles the links the software.

When you sit back and think it all seems so daunting a thought.

Especially people born in the late 19thcentury would have seen the transition from no computers to a virtual world. Now a life without them is completely un imaginable


Online Shopping 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at the advantages first Advantages Time save-we save a lot of time shopping online. A whole day is spent if we go shopping and another if a return mustbe done or clothes exchanged. Shopping online saves us a lot of time as we can do it in the convenience of our home.No forced buying –Whenever we shop in the malls the sales persons pressurizes and forces us to buy more. Whereas online we have no such pressure and we can buy anything and anytime and easycancel.

Great offers –There are great offers online, and great discounts. In malls and shops that is rare and many times,we end up buying without them.Easy to compare –We can compare different brands,different applications, and buy the best deal. Unlike shops where you get exhaustedmoving from one to another and comparing.Variety –Great variety of clothes designs prices are available just with a click of your finger.Detailed Information –All information of the product, the company is also available, thus it becomes easy to choose. There are a few disadvantages to this.



Delivery problems– The delivery of the product bought is depended upon a local group, which sometimes can be delayed or advanced causing us great difficulty. We must be at home when it is delivered. Sometimes the delivery is cancel edas no one is there to accept it. This then causes a lot of problems. Buying it in shops eradicates this issue. Can not feel the product-feeling and seeing the actual product is not there. This sometimes causes inconvenience.


As what we expect from the product we don’t get. Similarly, the sizes aren’t up to the requirements. Whereas when we shop in malls we get to try and feel the product which gives us great satisfaction while buying. High shipping charges – Many times we are forced to buy a certain number of products to avoid high delivery charges. Many items have a big convenience charge. This is completely not there while shopping from malls.


Payment Getaway – There have been some complaints regarding this as many payment get a ways are not very secure and can cause us a lot of loss. Direct shopping is thus safer. Stuck at home – Shopping and going out has always been quite recreational and therapeutic experience. And it also relieves stress and tension. Family time – Shopping for the family with the family was fun and a good connecting time. But now with online shopping, this is completely gone amazing Walking Dead sneakers

Buying Shoes

Similarly,is the case of buying shoes. The newest designs and brands are intimated online or via messages. We can buy them easily. The good return policy helps us in buying and exchanging if the fitting is not good. Suppose one needs to buy sneakers then we type the requirement and get multiple choices from which we can pick. For unique designs like Amazing Walking Dead Sneakers, we only must type it and we can get all options.

Walking Dead is a very successful tv series which has won A Golden Globe award forth is. It is one of the most trending and famous series. The fact that it has eight successful seasons speaks volumes about it. So,no surprise that it is much sought-after character. As a sneaker,it is even more liked.